Theta Design & Construction


Theta design & construction undertakes the architectural design, supervision, and the
construction of residential and commercial spaces.
With a keen eye on the trends of new materials, combined with our many years of experience, we guarantee a perfect result that will satisfy even the most demanding client.
From the beginning until the end of every project our services are divided in 4 stages, which we can undertake wholly or separately:

* Architectural design and drawings with construction plans and 3D photo-realistics.
* Market research and budget report.
* Supervision and construction
* Ongoing support in every project.

Residential renovations

Build the house of your dreams fast and at a small cost by leaving everything to us. With the right planning, the functional approach from the experts and the experienced technical stuff that we have, the result will not only be within budget but also perfect.
With a visit at your place we take all the appropriate measurements in order to propose to you, through photorealistic illustrations, the details of the construction, the materials that will be used and the cost of all of them in total.

Commercial spaces renovation

The stores need renovation in order to attract new customers, to renew the brand image and to strengthen the relationship with the existing customers. With the right design, the spaces become more functional, directing the customers easily to the right places and thus resulting in a rise in sales.

Construction of Exhibition Stands

The field of exhibitions is a challenge we love very much. Within a short period of time an entire construction must be set up and during the few days that the exhibition takes place each exhibitor will have to reach new potential customers and impress. With the right design and a strong branding the result is a definite success.

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